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Cylinder tin air vanes for aftermarket cylinder
What are cylinder tin cooling vanes?
The original German cylinder
tins have vanes that help to
direct air flow over the
you needed it.
Aftermarket cylinder tins do
not have these vanes. This
changes the airflow in this
critical area.

The Chinese decided you
didn't need it.
This is a faithful reproduction of the VW part
to improve air flow.

These parts are professionally laser cut from
18 gauge steel, production bent, powder
coated, and spot welded to the SCAT
cylinder tin.

They are proudly made in
Toledo, Ohio, USA.
The SCAT cylinder tin on the left does not have the air vane.
The SCAT cylinder tin on the right does have the air vane installed.
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new SCAT cylinder tin or in sets you can install yourself.

Pricing: $20 a set

$20 will add the air vanes to your powdercoated cylinder tin order.

$20 will get you 2 air vanes delivered anywhere in the continental
United States via USPS flat rate shipping. Includes installation

The preferred method of attachment is by welding. Pop rivets are
also acceptable. Screws or bolts are not recommended as they
may work loose over time.
You've spent a bunch of time and money on your engine, you deserve the best possible cooling.
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time VW enthusiast that spread the word about the importance of this little part. This goes
these is just leaving a big gap for the air that should go through your oil cooler to go down
around it! These parts are being reproduced by Zwerks, out of Canada. I sell these parts
powder coated to match the rest of your kit for $17.
website site
You can check out the Zwerks
website to learn more about this
important bit of tin.
send an email to
Copyright  2007-2009 Awesome
Powdercoat LLC
Hoover Bits are avaliable for both the
Type I and the wider Type IV oil cooler.
Do you already have a SCAT or
want to have modified? I offer a with
a Zwerks hoover bit & add this piece
of aluminum to fill the gap between
the shroud and the hoover bit.
See the gap left in the SCAT
shroud between the fan outlet
red circle? Even with a Zwerks
hoover bit, a significant
amount of air will escape & not
go through the oil cooler. This
is not good.
All Awesome Powdercoat LLC
hoover bit.

This is an Awesome
Powdercoat LLC exclusive!