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Engine Cooling

The offset oil cooler sealing frame, A.K.A "Hoover Bit".  This is the #1 most forgotten
part on a VW engine rebuild!
Not including this part leaves a huge gap that allows air to
flow AROUND the oil cooler instead of THROUGH the oil cooler.
 I have been told this
part is named after Bob Hoover, a long time VW enthusiast that spread the word about
the importance of this little part. Don't forget this part! Your engine will thank you.
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Hoover Bit install
video on youtube
With no hoover bit, the
base of the oil cooler.
This allows air to
bypass the oil cooler,
significantly decreasing
the effectiveness and
leading to higher oil
temperatures and
shorter engine life.
Installing an
Awesome Installing
an Awesome gap.
This hoover bit is
made just for this
Interestingly, the
VW Mexico fan
shroud does not
need the hoover bit
because they
changed the
sheetmetal around
Here is a SCAT fan
shroud with no
hoover bit install.
the large gap left
that allows a great
deal of air to
escape. Higher oil
temperatures and
shorter engine life
are the result.
This hoover bit  is
meant for the stock
VW shroud. It helps,
but as you can see,
a gap still remains.
The answers is a
hoover bit made just
for the SCAT / EMPI
fan shrouds.
The Awesome
Powdercoat hoover
bit for SCAT / EMPI
fan shrouds
completely fills the
gap at the base of
the oil cooler,
ensuring that all of
the air meant for the
oil cooler goes
through the oil
for stock
VW shroud
- $20
Hoover bit
for SCAT /
shrouds -
Type III oil cooler
on type I VW
shroud - $21

Hoover bit for
type III oil cooler
shroud - $22
for the
wider type
IV oil cooler
- $21
You still
need to
modify your
Hoover bits
Your hoover bit does
not have to be satin
black! We will make it
the same color as a kit
when you order a fan
Our hoover bits are
laser cut, fixture bent,
then a 2nd piece of
steel is added in the
corner to cure the
common failure of
cracking and tearing.
A steel threaded insert
is installed in the stock
location for securing it
to the fan shroud.
Finally, the hoover bit
is blasted and
powdercoated in satin
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These are not common, so