1962 VW Beetle I picked up in December, 2004. It has all the usual floor rot, heater channel rot, etc. But I have a
vision of turning this car into my version of Herbie the Love Bug.

Will it be white?
maybe. Will if have 53 on the side? probably.
Will it have a cool
engine? yes!

It will not be an exact duplicate, it will be my version of Herbie.
Engine is 1776cc we built in 2008. It has a twin plug setup. Using heads from The Bug Patch and a custom
twin spark plug distributor based on a Pertronix distributor, using a Datsun Z22 rotor and cap.
Fast forward to 2012, I pulled the body off the pan. Cut out the rusted floor pan and
install new pan halfs.

Frame head cut off and 2 new 1/4" fuel lines run to replace 50 year old original fuel line. I ran 2 lines for 2 reasons, A- worse case, I have a spare fuel line or B - if I ever run fuel injection, I will need a return fuel line to the tank, so I am set. The trick is to run the fuel line from the
back to the front, not the front to the back. Back to the front is MUCH easier.

Now, how to bestAutowerks 4" narrowed beam, with adjusters, powdercoated gloss black.

Front end brakes pretty much done. Rebuilt king and link pins on factory trailing arms, 2.5" dropped spindles, EMPI
disc brake kit for wide 5 wheels, narrowed tie rods, and a rebuilt steering box. All done in gloss black powdercoat.

Finished it all off with stock 15X5 rims done in gloss white powdercoat, with Federal 165/45 R15 radials.

Fast forward to 2021, yep, crazy i know. 

car has a radio block off plate, but it has an antenna, so deleted that.

car has big hole behind back seat? someone wanted to install starter and adjust clutch easy? so made a matching panel to cover it

bolted heater channels to car, used powdercoated silver washers and powdercoated gloss black bolts, looks goot with red pan.
slow progress 2023, yep, crazy i know. 

- finally got both heater channels installed, lower body down and started welding the body together, i basically replaced the bottom 6" all the way around the car.

also made my own louver press and put louvers in the rear decklid! cool stuff

painted the body underside gloss black

also bought a RHD dashboard and related parts, not yet, but will get it done someday

1962 Herbie