Q: What is powder coat?
A: Powder coat is a tough finish that lasts much longer than conventional paint. If you have ever painted an engine, than you know how screw drivers and wrenches can ruin your finish
quickly. Also, cheap "off-shore" chrome tin starts to rust in a few months. Powdercoat is applied as a free-flowing dry plastic. The main difference between it an paint is that no solvent is used. This greatly reduces the negative environmental impact. There is no liquid waste produced. There is also very little solid waste produced. The coating is applied electrostatically and cured in a oven.

Q: What are all the different parts called and where do they go?
A: See the picture below or click on the link below and take a look at these installation videos, showing all the parts on a stock type 1 air cooled engine.

Awesome Powdercoat vw bug engine tin installation video seies