Engine Tin Mods

Custom Engine Tin Modifications

We also do custom engine tin modifications. Many modifications
are available, Adding a venturi ring, adding cylinder tin air
vanes, adding industrial shields along with a hoover bit are just
the beginning. Tin can be modified for wider than stock engines (STROKERS). Shroud and doghouse exhaust can be modified for the wider type iv oil cooler, Custom holes for oil lines, tubes for running hidden wires, just about anything.A custom built kit can be put together with all the features you need. Contact us for a price quote.

Eliminate preheat pipe threaded inserts

Preheat insert delete 326x237
spot weld metal to the back of the cylinder tin to eliminate the preheat pipe insulator threaded insert. This is a very common modification for those running dual carbs or FI.

Trim cylinder tins for thicker intake manifolds

Intake trimming for clearence 403x287
Widen the are where the intake manifolds mount to allow clearance for thicker manifolds, customer must send at least 1 manifold to ensure clearance. Depending on the manifold, modifications can be minor or major.

Add a venturi ring for maximum air flow to any VW based shroud

Venturi ring 3
This simple addition makes a huge difference in air flow, which makes a huge difference in cooling. The engine even sounds a little different! I consider this the single best investment you can make in a cool running engine, more air flow, no moving parts!

Modify all engine tin for wider width

Engine measurement 411x302

how to measure engine width

we measure from valve cover flange to valve cover flange, stock is 25-3/4"
Cylinder lengthen for stroker crank 411x303

Metal is spot welded to the back of cylinder tins to modify width, then the area around the fan shroud is narrowed, so it all fits together clean

Not only can the cylinder tins be modified, but all the other tins can be modified as needed so you know your parts will fit together nice and clean.

Modify fan shroud and doghosue exhaust for wider type iv oil cooler  -this is a very popular modification those people wanting maximum oil cooling without running a remote cooler.

Type iv oil cooler on scat 1 343x251
The wider type iv oil cooler can be installed on any doghouse fan shroud. 
Type iv oil cooler on scat 2 315x229
The doghouse part of the fan shroud is cut off, and 1" wide metal is spot welded and MIG welded in. A wider type iv hoover bit is also supplied.
Type iv oil cooler on scat 3 325x237
The upper part of the doghouse oil cooler exhaust is modified to channel the air to the stock lower tin. 

BAJA CUT cylinder tins

Baja cut 498x289
For off road vechicles running minimal engine tin. This modification eliminates the lower flanges on SCAT or EMPI cylinder tins. This cleans up the looks of the tin in  off road applications and makes it easier to keep the engine clean since nooks and cranes that collect dirt have been eliminated.

Clearance small pulley tin for oil return line

Job 09334
When running full flow oil lines to a remote filter or oil cooler, this modification allows clearance for the oil return fitting at the crankcase. 

Various fan shroud modifications

Fan shroud holes 371x210
we can do many modifications to the shroud to make it just the way you want it.
Purple - make or fill thermostat flap holes
Yellow - make accel cable hole in early SCAT
shrouds or late VW FI shrouds
Blue - make or remove stock wire holders
Green - remove vent tube
Pink - make or fill coil mounts
Red - fill in "extra" holes