Porsche 356 and early 912 Parts

Porsche 356 fan shroud volute ring

This is a reproduction of the fan shroud volute ring found on many Porsche 356 cars. This part fits all porsche 356 48-65 and all porsche 912 65-67 & 76.

This is made from heavy 18 gauge stainless steel with 6 mounting tabs, just like factory. They claim 15% more air flow for cooling with this part. Can be installed by welding, brazing, or pop rivets. (Rivets should be installed from inside the shroud lip going outward, so the rivets can not hit on the fan).

An added feature is that this ring also will fit the early NONdoghouse VW fan shrouds.

This ring is perfect for high performance early VW and 356 engines. Comes in bare metal, satin black, gloss black and i also have an exact match for "356 shroud gray".
356 volute rings sample 1   copy

Porsche volute ring

Model: Porsche 356 or early fan shroud VW

ONLY $75.00
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