Fixed Flaps

Fixed flaps are the ideal thing for folks wanting proper air flow but do not want to run a complete thermostat flap system.

These flaps are made by Andrig's Aircooled Technology.

I always recommend thermostat flaps for street driven VW air cooled engines. But i realize not everyone wants that, and many see no value in an off road engine. However, proper air flow is super important. These flaps are NOT old flaps welded together, these are 100% new parts, laser cut, welded together and powdercoated for a life time finish.

These flaps provide the proper air flow direction for your hard working air cooled engine. They are designed to run "full open", making sure you get the right air to the right place, as VW intended.

Included are white 3D printed templates so you can drill the mounting holes in aftermarket fan shrouds that do not have holes. 
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FIXED flaps for all VW and aftermarket fan shrouds 

Fixed "California" flaps for all VW and aftermarket fan shrouds

ONLY $79.00
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Fixed California Flaps