Original German Tin

What to keep it stock? What to keep it German? We can help!

If you are going for the all original look or simply want parts you
know will fit the absolute best, original German is the way to go.
We have a large collection of good used original German parts to
build a powder coated engine tin kit to meet your needs. You can
have everything from the bare minimum to 100% complete,

including all the little parts everyone else forgets and get the best
cooling you deserve! Available in any color you want, not just
satin black.

Satin black and semi-gloss black are both very popular colors for
folks going for the stock look.

See a step by step guide to how to install all of the parts in the
link below to www.youtube.com.


Orginal VW German Engine Tin

All jobs are custom built to your specifications, color, parts mix, can be all german, some SCAT/EMPI parts, thermostat flaps, venturi rings, cutom work including wider type iv oil cooler, whatever you need. We even got the little parts that everyone else forgets like accelerator cable tube, plastic spark plug wire clips, new engine tin screws, everything for a VW engine.
Stock engine with names