Color Selection 

We have many colors to choose from, cant find the perfect color? we can help you find it and add a new color for a small fee. We can also do custom color matching ( not cheap, but perfect color match based on your sample part)

color selection

Satin black

satin black - most common stock color

Semi gloss black

semi gloss black

Gloss black

gloss black

Satin black

Black Wrinkle - textured finish

color selection

Black chrome2

Black Chrome

Azure blue2

Azure Blue

Anodize blue over silver2

anodize blue over silver

Almost chrome2

almost chrome - best on smaller parts

color selection

Vw l75 beige

VW L75 Beige - this is an exact color match 


Pure White


Unicream - light beige

Vermillion orange

Vermillion Orange

color selection

Ral 7046 telegrey 2

RAL 7046 Telegray 2

Ral 6028 pine green

RAL 6028 Pine Green

Ral 5021 water blue

RAL 5021 Water Blue

Transparent grape over silver

Transparent Grape over Silver

color selection

Transparent red and chrome

Transparent Red over Silver

Silver sparkle

Silver Sparkle

Tiger eye powdercoat

Tiger Eye

Silver hi temp

High Temp Silver - good to 1200F

color selection

Silver hammertone

Silver Hammertone - textured finish

Silver vein

Silver Vein - very popular textured finish



School bug yellow

School Bus Yellow

color selection

Semi gloss silver metallic

Semi Gloss Silver Metallic

Scat red baron

SCAT Red Baron - matches SCAT parts

Satn gold

Matt Gold

Scat porsche silver

Scat Porsche Silver - exact match 

color selection

Satin brown

Satin Brown

Ruby red

Ruby Red

Red wagon

Red Wagon

Red wrinkle

Red Wrinkle - textured finish

color selection

Ral 8028 brown

RAL 8028 Brown

Rally wheel silver

Rally Wheel Silver - very popular

Ral 8004 coral brown

RAL 8004 Coral Brown

Ral 7031 gray blue

RAL 7031 Blue Gray

color selection

Ral 3001 signal red

RAL 3001 Signal Red

Ral 3002 mercedes red

RAL 3002 Mercedes Red

Ral 1018 zinc yellow

Zinc Yellow

Ral 1002 sand yellow

RAL 1002 Sand Yellow

color selection

Ral 7038 agate gray porsche 356

RAL 7038 Agate Gray - exact match to porsche gray

Ral 7024 graphite gray

RAL 7034 Graphite Gray

Ral 7030 stone gray

RAL 7030 Stone Gray

Ral 7021 black gray

RAL 7021 Black Gray

color selection

Ral 6002 leaf green

RAL 6002 Leaf Green

Ral 5015 sky blue

RAL 5015 Sky Blue

Ral 5012 light blue

RAL 5012 Light Blue

Ral 5013 cobalt blue

RAL 5013 Cobalt Blue

color selection

Ral 1003 signal yellow

RAL 1003 Signal Yellow

Ral 5018 torquoise

RAL 5018 Torquise

Ral 7016 dark blackgray

RAL 7016 Dark Black Gray

Ral 4006 traffic purple

RAL 4006 Taffic Purple

color selection

Ral 2003 pastel orange

RAL 2003  Pastel Orange

Ral 3016 reddish orange

RAL 3016 Reddish Orange

Psycho lime over silver

Psycho Lime over Silver

Pure orange

Pure Orange

color selection

Mouse gray

Mouse Gray

Ocean blue

Ocean Blue



Matt dark army green

Matt Dark Army Green

color selection

Job 121050 emerald green

Emeral Green

High temp satin black

Satin Black High Temp - good to 1200F

Iron glimmer

Iron Glimmer

Glow in the dark

Glow in the Dark over White

color selection

Hi temp gray

High Temp Gray - good to 1200F

Fire engine red

Fire Truck Red

Gloss black with green metallic

Gloss Black with Green Metallic

Copper metallic

Copper Metallic

color selection

Crystler orange

Chrysler Orange

Blasted alum

Blasted Alum - textured finish

Dark purple

Dark Purple

Bright yellow

Bright Yellow

color selection

Blood red hammertone

Red Hammertone - textured finish

Red wrinkle

Red Wrinkle

Job 205320 mirror blue

Mirror Blue

Sparkle granny smith

Sparkle Granny Smith

color selection

Ral 6033 mint torquiose

RAL 6033 Mint Torquiose

Pearl's turgiose

Pearl's Torquiose

Color Samples