This thermostat works in 1923-27 Vauxhall, it might work in others, contact me for details

Thermostats for 1923 - 1927 Vauxhall

1923 vauxhall
Not only can Awesome Powdercoat take care of all your powdercoating needs, your vintage VW thermostat needs, but it turns out, this thermostat also works in vintage Vauxhall cars!

Some people call these  "heat syphons" some people call them "thermostats", either way, i can help you out.

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In a modern car, the thermostat controls the flow of water through the radiator. However, in the early days, most car companies used a thermostat to control the flow of air through the radiator. The thermostat would get heated by water, it would expand, and open shutters across the radiator. Way too many people ripped off the shutters not understanding that correct and constant engine temperature is needed for best fuel mileage and least engine wear.

If you have a vintage vauxhall, proper thermostat function is important to proper operation, and if you got a show car, a missing set of shutters will cost you show points. do it right, do it once.  
This thermostat has m8X1.25 female thread on the bottom and m7x1 male thread on top. The mounts can be modified as needed. If you need an adapter made, i can almost certainly make it, just send me a drawing. I can work with you to make a functional system.

The typical stat chosen has a cracking temp between65 & 70C, max open temp is 95-100C. However, i offer 5 temp ranges, so if you want something different, email me. I can also do custom temps if needed.
Vauxhall stat

65 70 cracking temp thermostat

Model: Vauxhall
years: 23-27 
Warranty: Yes

ONLY $129.00
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