Problem areas with conventional gaskets

does not matter if the gasket is cork, neoprene or rubber, they all do not fit tight, they all leave gaps, and they all bow.

VW 1600 based engines Sandwich Valve Cover Gaskets

The number one maintenance headache on an air cooled VW engine is valve cover gasket leaks. Ask anyone, we all have a special process, special "goop", we put on the cork gaskets to get them to not leak. I have seen all sorts of goop used - black
windshield adhesive, wheel bearing grease, white lithium grease, blue RTV, red RTV, gold RTV, construction wall adhesive, super glue,,,you name it, someone has tried to put it on cork gaskets to get them to not leak.

This gasket is so unique, it is PATENT PENDING!

As you know, stock vw gaskets leak, and require you to use some sort of "goop" to seal them up and hold position, silicone and neoprene gaskets are just as bad, but not needed with this sandwich gasket.

It has 22 laser cut gauge steel for the middle, 1.5mm laser cut cork on both sides, for a perfect fit. Cork is glued to the steel with "mil spec" "aerospace approved" adhesive. This means the steel fits well, and the top will not bow down, bottom will not bow up, you can install your gaskets dry, the way VW intended you to do it.

total gasket thickness is 3.94mm, slightly thicker than a stock gasket and with minimal cork compression it has the highest sealing pressure.


VW Sandwich Gaskets

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Sandwich Valve Cover Gaskets

Model: VW 1600 based engines
Engine: flat 4

ONLY $25.00
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