Engine Building

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Not only can Awesome Powdercoat take care of all your powdercoating needs, your vintage VW thermostat needs, and the many new, made in the USA parts we offer, along with the ability to supply you with parts from both SCAT and EMPI, we also build complete engines.

Whether you need individual parts, custom work, a short block, a long block, or a complete turn key engine, we can supply it all.

Contact Awesome Powdercoat about what kind of engine you are looking for. Stock 1500 single port? Stock 1600 dual port? peepy 1776?  Sporty 1915? Or how about a flame thrower 2275?

Are you thinking about mostly used parts? or going 100% new? or something in-between?
Scat zwerks circle 423x292


Model: VW Bug
Engine: V6
Trans: 5 Speed 
Warranty: Yes

ONLY $49.99
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